Terms & Conditions

Fees, Terms of Payment and Financial Matters

In consideration for the provision of the services the Owner will pay to the Yard the fee and any additional sums due under the agreement one week in advance.

In the event that the fee or any additional sum due under this Agreement remains unpaid for more than three (3) months after they first become due, the Owner agrees that the Yard may sell the Horse, provided that written notice has been given to the Owner (at the address set out at the beginning of this Agreement) of the intention to sell, at least seven (7) days before sale. From the moneys received from the sale of the Horse, the Yard may retain such sums as cover of any unpaid sums due under this Agreement and the reasonable costs of sale. Any remaining money shall be returned to the Owner within thirty (30) days of sale.

This Agreement shall last for the Term, subject to earlier termination in accordance with this Agreement.

The Yard or Owner may at any time terminate this Agreement or any Part of it by giving written notice to the other of not less than the Notice Period.

Duties of the Owner

The Owner shall at all times remain responsible for ensuring that:

  • third party insurance is maintained in respect of the Horse
  • once the Horses training is almost complete the Owner should be available at least 3 times in the last week of training to be able to come and ride their horse before taking the Horse home to ensure a smooth transition in his/her training
  • any vets or farrier bills are settled before taking their Horse home
  • the Horse shall not be removed until the bill is settled
  • any damage to property is paid for in respect of vices/habits

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