Starting, Training and Schooling

Personal service tailored to you and your horses needs. Your horse will live as part of our family. The same care is taken with each horse whether it is a family pet or competition horse.

Your horse will be given a day or two to settle in before work starts then introduction to a roller/tack is then made following a couple of weeks long-reining and familiarisation with me and then the backing process starts. Once your horse is happily accepting a rider and is walk, trot and cantering you will be invited to come and start partnering your horse in its and your training together as partnership I prefer if you can make yourself available every 2nd day over a week to ten days.

Schooling per week from   140

Starting per week from   155

Generally all horses are kept at grass and not stabled (stabled by arrangement).

Equestrian Services

Past Successes and Horses

Past Successes & Horses - some of the horses I have produced of recent years.

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